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About Us

Safax was established nationally in 1998 as a professional specialty certificate and continuing education provider, during which time we have trained thousands of instructors and trainers nationwide. At Safax we are dedicated to providing the latest ideas, up to date information, education and research to instructors throughout America. With the use of a professional advisory board, our members are continually educated about fitness, wellness, safety and respect for the human body. We believe that if you exercise safe, you will exercise forever. Our members are given the keys to produce results that encourage lifelong health.

Besides being well educated and professional, Safax staff members strive to be the best in the industry. Due to our high standard for education and love of the fitness industry, our trainers are full of passion, enthusiasm and delivery trainings that are fun, energetic and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

SAFAX members are truly committed to the long term health and wellness of their clients. They show their commitment thru through safe methods of exercise. Safax members who carry a specialty certificate receive ongoing support through e-mail, workshops, seminars, newsletters and the “Just Ask” program, where they can call anytime and speak to a presenter.